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Hi!  My name is Michelle Grigsby.

I got married in 2008.   Before that, I always cooked for “one”.  As such, I have always been a stovetop cooker…. or a nibbler.   Sometimes I would bake sweets but I wasn’t ever much of a “casserole” making gal.

I am a career woman!  Ha, that sounds funny.  I don’t know if that’s really what I would call myself but this IS my story,right?  Anyhoo, I am a licensed health insurance agent and when I was single, I worked a lot.  Which means I didn’t have alot of time to make any fancy meals (unless I was entertaining and we’re talking, guacamole and salsa).  I ate at alot of restaurants and fast food drive-thru’s (man oh man, if I could only have a fraction of the money I spent on food).

Pretty scary, huh?

My life changed ALOT after getting married.  And I love my stepkids like crazy…they are the BEST!  But, boy were they persnickity when it came to food.   And me being so inexperienced in the kitchen…well, guess what I made alot of?  Hamburger Helper and Mac ‘n Cheese to the rescue!  And frozen casseroles….yah!  How convenient!  I then migrated to those really convenient stovetop frozen meals…our favorites were the pasta, veggies and cheesy sauce.  Now those of you that are supermoms and are gasping, please don’t judge.  I never claim to be a superstep-mom and I would be lying if I said I LOVE to cook. I have tried to make healthy meals (usually stovetop) but I’m not the most experienced person in the kitchen and honestly, I don’t have much time.

Fast Forward 4 Years:

Have you ever had to suffer the pain of  waiting to hear back the results of a biopsy? Yep, that happened earlier this year (2012) and it was grueling. Not long before that, my husband had polyps removed as a result of a colonoscopy.  During that time, I thought long and hard about the quality of food my family  was eating.

I know box meals (hamburger helper, mac ‘n cheese, etc.) are chocked full of preservatives.  I also know grocery store produce is picked way before it was ripened. And YES, I also know canned goods has tons of sodium, additives and preservatives.  I have always tried to stock up on frozen….but that only lasts so long and I’m not too thrilled with the texture and taste.  So, besides shopping at the local farmer’s market and expensive organic stores, what other options did I have?

Something else to think about

We don’t want to think about…

My church has counseled us to “stock up” on our food supply.  A year’s supply is recommended.   Woah, that is hard to do.  I tried even as a single person and the best I did for just myself was build up to a 3-month supply.  We’re talking just the basic items, too.  Wheat, sugar, powdered milk, etc. (I even bought a wheat grinder about 7 years ago, hehe).

As hard I tried, I couldn’t utilize my food storage into my daily meal plans.  It was basically there for emergencies.  As you can imagine, building up a food storage is hard to do.  Very few of my friends (and that includes some “supermoms” with a husband and kids!) had a very big stockpile of food.

Plus, what do you think of when you hear the word, “Food Storage”?  I think of having to grind my own wheat and eat bland, yucky food.  In fact, a couple years ago, I needed sugar.  I thought, “woo hoo!  I’ll just head down to my basement and grab a can from my food storage”!  Even though it was only a couple of years old, it had a weird smell to it.  In the trash it went!

The truth is, we are dependant on grocery stores for our food supply!  How does that make you feel?  What would you do if something happened and trucks couldn’t get to the stores?  Or you couldn’t get to the stores?

I know I’m talking worse-case scenario here but folks, this  is something we all need to think about.  We hear stories in the news almost every day where people are struck by disaster and are reliant on others to help.  I don’t want that to happen to me!

Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox, now.


Well, hello there!

A friend of mine (from my single days) called me out of the blue.  She told me that she is now a consultant for a company that makes yummy, healthy, freeze dried foods that doesn’t contain any preservatives, additives, and many are gluten-free, allergen-free and hormone-free.  It was the next best thing to eating fresh from your garden.  She wanted to see if I’d be interested in having her come over and show it to me and some of my friends.

Honestly?  My first impression?  Nah, not interested.  I kept thinking back to my days as a girl and gnawing on the dehydrated bananas and apples my parent made…I couldn’t imagine it being any different.  She explained that freeze dried is nothing like it.  They are picked and flash-freeze dried at their peak of ripeness, and they maintain their nutrition, antioxidants and enzymes.  And when you apply water to it (“re-constitute), it’s as if they “come to life” and are intact like the day they were picked.

Plus having a shelf life of 25-30 years…as we were talking, she was hitting my “hot” buttons.   I was skeptical but at the same time, I was intrigued.

Ta Da!

As a result of our get-together (okay, I’ll say it…it was a “party”), I was thrilled!  She made a chicken enchilada casserole and the kitchen smelled like onions, chile and bell peppers and all she did was apply hot water and drain.  We also ate freeze dried yogurt bites, fruit pieces, and freeze dried ice cream (alot like those “dipping dots”).

It was a lot of fun and there were many “Wow’s” and “Ahh’s” during the demonstration.  Okay, so besides being nutritious and having a long shelf life, you know what really got me?  Drum roll………………….. the EASE of making the items!  The recipe book contains so many easy, easy, easy, easy to follow recipes.  Did I mention they were easy?  And videos…videos galore!

But there’s more: cut my cooking time in half?  Sign me up!  Save money on groceries?  Sign me up!  I don’t have to chop my food?  Hello!  Did you not hear me?  I said sign me up!

So I signed up.

Can you guess what the first recipe I made was?  If you guessed salsa, you guessed right.  Then the chicken salad.  Oh my goodness….I wish I could yank you into my kitchen and let you SMELL and TASTE this stuff.

I’m really glad you’re here.

My family is eating healthier.

This is turning into my passion.

I love it.

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