Are Canned Tomatoes Bad for You?

bpa are canned tomatoes bad for youIf you do any cooking, chances are you rely on canned tomatoes as the base of many yummy dishes.  I know for myself (someone who looks for the easiest recipes possible), I use them alot.

So you may have heard that canned tomatoes are bad for you?  After I did alot of research, I was quite surprised with what I learned.


As you may have heard, reports have indicated that the resin lining of most cans (including tomatoes, bean and soda) leaches a toxic chemical, bisphenol-A (BPA), otherwise known as a synthetic hormone into your food.  For tomatoes, this is mainly due to their acidity level.  In fact, the level of BPA in just ONE can of tomatoes is enough to cause great concern.

What does that mean?  Well, BPA has been linked to ailments such as diabetes, heart disease, hyperactivity, A.D.D., brain development problems in infants, and more.  Bottom line, if you are conscious of washing your plastics on the top shelf of the dishwasher but still cranking open a can of tomatoes, you are kinda sorta defeating the purpose.

High in Sodium!

Tomatoes are naturally low in sodium.  Canned foods often use sodium(salt) as a preservative and flavoring agent. There are 132mg of sodium in a little 3.5 oz. of canned tomatoes and 564mg of sodium in 1 cup of stewed tomatoes!

The American Heart Association (AHA) states that the average American eats around 3,436mg of sodium every day, when he should be consuming  1,500 mg or less.

Vitamins and Minerals Reduced?

During the canning process, temperatures are quickly heated to kill any bacteria or enzymes that may be present.  I’m not sure how (if any) vitamins are lost through that process but studies have shown that many vitamins seep into the water which, unfortunately, are drained away as soon as the can is opened.


Lets be real here.  You know and I know, and I know you know…that there is a real difference between the taste of canned chopped tomatoes and hand chopped (ripe) tomatoes.  It’s almost like a metallic taste, am I right?  Ew.


Ok, in defense of canned tomatoes, I have to admit.  They are quite convenient to use.  All you have to do is walk to the cupboard, check the date (he he), and throw it into whatever you’re making….but is it worth it? I suppose I could make sure I have a bunch of fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes on hand at all times.  That’s not too hard of a thing to ask, right?

What’s the healthiest (and most convenient) alternative?

canned tomatoes bpaI was really anxious to try the freeze dried tomatoes.  I had no idea of what to expect.  I am happy to say that it is fabulous!  I was stunned at the flavor and how quickly it re-hydrates.  The flavor is so rich I kept eating them out of the can because I couldn’t believe how they tasted.

Since I’ve started using freeze-dried tomatoes, I have made several delicious recipes with not only the diced tomatoes, but the tomato powder as well.

One can of freeze dried chopped tomatoes holds 11.5 cups.  I am really excited that this option is available to me because quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of throwing away half-rotten tomatoes, or cutting pink ones because they haven’t fully ripened all the way.

Especially those of you that are lucky enough to grow fresh tomatoes, what a great alternative to having tomatoes after the season!  Of all people, you understand the value of fresh tasting, fresh tomatoes.

How is Thrive’s Canning Process?

All of THRIVE foods come in BPA-free, #10 cans, pantry cans or pouches.  The cans are DOUBLE lined to prevent rust from the outside or the “tin-like” taste on the inside. They are manufactured appropriately for long term storage.  Plus, Shelf Reliance has an on-site quality assurance department and FSIS inspector.

Shelf Reliance carefully reviews each product to verify it meets its standard of PREMIUM quality.  The large majority of THRIVE foods contain no preservatives,additives and are gmo, msg and gluten free.

Shelf Reliance also prides itself in using the best food sources in the country.   They go to great lengths to test multiple sources until they find the best foods available.

Next to having your own garden or buying at the local organic grocery store, you can also have convenience as well as save money because you won’t be throwing away unused tomatoes (unless they were free!).

If you are looking for other alternatives or are looking to add more variety to your food storage, look no further than Thrive.

Contact me today or visit my online store to order today.


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