Are You Prepared? | Stockpiling on Food & Water

Tonight, on the news they are talking about this possible “superstorm” that is planning to hit the East Coast. People are flooding to the stores buying out the food and water. They are saying there may be possible power outages….which means NO REFRIGERATION.

I used to have a packed FREEZER full of food.  Of course, I still use it to stock on essentials such as pizza, hot pockets and lean cuisine’s (he he), I DON’T use it to stock up on fruits and veggies any more. Why, first of all, I really can’t stand the texture of frozen veggies. Have you tried to make frozen spinach?  Secondly, in a situation such as this, it feels good to know that if we do have loss of power for possibly days at a time, we are not reliant on stores or electricity.

Thrive foods is absolutely delicious.  We had one of our favorite friends/family over today for lunch and we thought it would be fun to have everything made from our Thrive Pantry. We had cornbread & honey butter, black bean and corn salsa, chicken salad, and yogurt parfaits.  All made with FRESH Thrive ingredients!


stockpiling food and water


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