Becoming a Consultant

Benefits of Being a Consultant

  • You get all products at the most discounted price.
  • You get paid 10% commission on every single order you take, even your own!
  • You get host benefits for yourself if you take orders not tied to a party.
  • Host Benefits are 10% of the party order in FREE product.
  • You don’t have to keep inventory. Shelf Reliance sends it via FedEx all over the country.
  • Maintain your personal Q at $50 of product per month and you stay active to get paid.
  • Parties average about $800+ which means you take home $80+ per party. This pays for your Q every month.
  • Get paid commission every month for every customer you have on the Q. It’s commission without doing any parties.
  • Sell using your own consultant web site. Anyone you know can shop right there and you get commission for it!
  • For each consultant you sign up you make $50 in your next commission check.
  • Your consultant kit costs $199 and it comes with everything you need to get started. (For a limited time, all new consultant kits are 20% off!)
  • You can print price lists and order forms online for free! You don’t have to buy party supplies.
  • You can sign up as many people as you want to be on your team. No limits! You earn commission 3 levels deep.

  • If your downline stops working, there is compression, all those lost sales move up to you!
  • You can sell EVERYTHING Shelf Reliance has online.

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Benefits of Being on Our Team

  • Be part of an fast growing niche!
  • Complete online training program
  • Access to personal training from us on how to “do” and “teach” food storage
  • Sales tools designed for our reps
  • Calls, emails and newsletter including business tips, recipes, news, and more
  • We will pass on referrals to people wishing to host a party in your area
  • Active team Facebook group for help, motivation, and team unity


1. How much does it cost to become a consultant?: $199 for your kit which includes all your handbook, Party DVD, invitations, brochures, apron, sample cups, recipe book, and food to host 2 parties. You can choose from 3 other larger kits if you’d like.  For a very limited time, all new consultants kits are 20% off!

2. What is my commitment as a consultant?: Your only commitment is to be on the Q ( Home food storage delivery for $50 in product). As long as your Q is active, you’ll get a check sent out to you the 15th of every month. My first check was for $10 which was 10% back on a $100 order I had made for myself, and it went up from there!

3. Why do I have to be on the Q to be a consultant?: 1) You need to know the product, 2) You need to have practice cooking with it, 3) You need to have enough food for your parties, 4) You need to have your own food storage.

4. What sort of commissions will I receive?: You receive 10% of the total party sales in commissions, 20-35% of the Q sales in commissions on the 1st month the Q goes out, and 5% residual commissions on continuing Q’s. You also earn $50 bonus for each consultant you sign up. And 10% commission on your own personal orders outside your Q. You also earn 2% of the total sales of anyone who enrolls underneath you, three levels deep.

5. What does an average consultant make a month?: It’s really an individual matter. Read above for more info. If you estimate that you’ll get 10% in commissions on your total party sales than you can figure how many parties you’ll need to do per month to get the money you want.

6. What are the average party sales?: Average party sales are around $800. So you’ll earn 10% of that in commissions. So if you do 4 parties/month, you will at least make $320/month. That’s just a minimum per party. Q sales get you a higher commissions (from 20-35%) and a residual 5% every month after that your customers stay on the Q. Consider that you’ll have continual sales from your past customers each month also.

7. Do I have any sales quotas to fulfill or weekly meeting to attend?: No sales quotas at all! We have a weekly phone training that you’re welcome to listen in on and ask questions but this is not required and you can also downline the notes/transcripts at your leisure.

8. What kind of training will I get with Shelf Reliance?: Your Enroller should guide you and train you. You will also receive a handbook with your starter kit which will answer most of your questions about the products. We have weekly training calls and informative web pages.

9. How much time and money will I spend getting ready for each party?: We try never to spend over $10 for each party from samples, to copies, to your time! It’s all up to you how simple or lavish you make it. Either way, the product sells itself! You’ll see!!

10. What does it mean to “Build a Team”?: Signing up consultants under you builds you a team and gives you the potential to increase your commissions by 6%. If you sign someone up they are your 1st level. They in turn sign someone up. This is your 2nd level and following that is your 3rd level. The levels should grow exponentially giving you a tremendous earning potential.

11. How many consultants are there in Shelf Reliance?: Considering that Pampered Chef has over 60,000 consultants, not to mentions Avon and Mary Kay who are in the millions combined. You’d be happy to know that we have around 7000! How would you like to be consultant #8001 rather than consultant # 60,001! Big difference!! So this is the time to join in and make your mark. We only have a few consultants in each state so you’ll plenty of fresh new customers to reach.

12. I have small children. Is this a job I can do as a SAHMom?: You’d be happy to know that the majority of us are moms and we work nights and weekends with the support of our family and friends. As soon as you’ve started getting a customer base, they will continue to buy month after month on their own so you won’t have to work so hard.

13. How do you host a party?: There are lots of ways to host a party. Shelf Reliance has a wonderful Party DVD that does the work for you! Bring your samples, your knowledge and enthusiasm, and plug in the 25 minute DVD and watch magic happen! If your customers are far away, send them the price sheet by e-mail and take their orders over the phone. Or send samples and a DVD in a box to your host. Participate in a local community events and take orders. There are many ways to earn commissions on a “party”!

14. HOW DO I SIGN UP?!! You can sign up online in just a few simple steps. Visit our sign-up page and then click the “start here” button. You will need to make a Shelf Reliance account if you don’t already have one. Make sure to enterEnroller and Enroller ID: 7225. Continue through the sign-up process selecting your starter kit and filling in your tax info. Once your registration is complete, shoot us an email so we can confirm that you got placed on our team correctly.


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