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We don’t want to think about…

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word “Food Storage”?  I think of having to grind my own wheat and eat bland, yucky food.  In fact, a couple years ago, I needed sugar.  I thought, “woo hoo!  I’ll just head down to my basement and grab a can from my food storage”!  Even though it was only a couple of years old, it had a weird smell to it.  In the trash it went!

We all want to build a supply of food for a number of reasons.  Natural disaster, job loss, aliens takeover the world, etc. etc. etc.

My church has counseled us to “stock up” on our food supply.  A year’s supply is recommended.   Woah, that is hard to do.  I tried even as a single person and the best I did for just myself was build up to a 3-month supply.  And we’re talking just the basic items, too.  Wheat, sugar, powdered milk, etc. (I even bought a wheat grinder, hehe).

As hard I tried, I couldn’t utilize my food storage into my daily meal plans.  It was basically there for emergencies.  As you can imagine, building up a food storage is hard to do.  Very few of my friends (and that includes some “supermoms” with a husband and kids!) had a very big stockpile of food.

The truth is, we are dependant on grocery stores for our food supply!  How does that make you feel?  What would you do if something happened and trucks couldn’t get to the stores?  Or you couldn’t get to the stores?


I know I’m talking worse-case scenario here but folks, this  is something we all need to think about.  We hear stories in the news almost every day where people are struck by disaster and are reliant on others to help.  I don’t want that to happen to me!

thrive to the rescue!

One of the reasons I love Thrive is because there are over 200+ items that can be consumed every day.  If we were actually able to build say, for example, a year’s supply for our family…and we USED it, we will be consuming the food and re-stocking it well before 25-30 years.

Let’s just say that we don’t utilize the items but we stock our basement with a year’s supply.  How great is it to know that we can sustain ourselves and our family in the event of an emergency?

It’s just hard to imagine NOT using it…because of the other great benefits such as eating healthier, saving time and saving money.  Plus it’s just so delicious.

Many of you will start using thrive mostly for how convenient it is.  I don’t have to chop my vegetables, my food waste is drastically reduced and the recipes are super easy….so I’m creating more meals at home!


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