Homemade Baby Food

homemade baby food


Queso Dip – Cheese Dip Recipe

Homemade Queso Dip

Have you ever bought a jar of Queso Dip hoping it would taste good?  I have…and it’s so disappointing when it’s not what I wanted. Plus, do you have any idea how many preservatives are packed into a jar of Queso Dip?  Ugh. Many people love Thrive’s premium foods because it’s a healthier alternative – [Read On]

Cooking Conversion Charts

food storage measuring conversion chart

Here are a few cooking conversion charts that should be helpful in your cooking endeavours! The picture should be printable as a PDF…  Enjoy! If you found this of value, PLEASE SHARE or LIKE this page!    Interested in a Fun Work From Home Opportunity that you can do Full-Time or Part-Time?   If you like, [Read On]

January Specials – Shelf Reliance Appetizers Made With Thrive Ingredients

January Specials border

I love appetizers! Sometimes we eat them as a meal.  I can’t wait to try out all these different recipes THRIVE’S Ingredients are: PREMIUM QUALITY Long Shelf Life — some up to 30 years (unopened), 2 years (opened) Most contain NO preservatives – the freeze-drying method is the preservative method! Easy, Easy, Easy to prepare! [Read On]

Are Food Preservatives Really Bad For Your Health or Not?

food preservatives

Food Preservatives….we’ve ALL seen the infamous pictures….a 3 month old McDonald’s Fries and Hamburger looking virtually untouched because of all the food preservatives it contains. I was a little surprised when my sister made the comment, “wow, if food preservatives make these look good after 100 days, does that mean if I eat more food [Read On]

Simple Homemade All Natural Chest Rub

all natural chest rub

Well, the time of the year of Upper Respiratory Infections becoming common…I thought I’d share some of these all-natural cold and flu soothers that are low cost and extremely effective!

Homemade Fabric Softener – Self Sufficient Tip

homemade fabric softener

I LOVE this!  My clothes are coming out so much softer & fresh-smelling for a fraction of the price of store-bought!

Evacuation Kit – Preface – Have A Plan

evacuation kit - be prepared

So  you think an emergency won’t happen to you?

5 Advantages to Drinking Water in the Morning

5 advantage of drinking water in the morning

Top 10 Gift Ideas!


Besides THRIVE’s premium food being up to 50% off, check out some of the other items and the huge discounts during BLACK FRIDAY weekend! Shop this weekend to maximize your savings! TOP 10 GIFT IDEAS! (All On Sale)  2-Person Survival Kit Heavy-Duty 5 Gallon H2O Container  Fuel Reserve 32-Pack Five Piece Mess Kit Sun Oven [Read On]