Eat Healthier


Are you a self-proclaimed health nut?  Okay, there are probably several categories of a “health nut” but I like to proudly consider myself one.  I’m not exactly over the edge (like some others I know, ahem…Kimmy), but I do like to stay on top of the latest news! This is one of the things that [Read On]

Build Your Food Storage

Build Food Storage

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word “Food Storage”?  I think of having to grind my own wheat and eat bland, yucky food.  In fact, a couple years ago, I needed sugar.  I thought, “woo hoo!  I’ll just head down to my basement and grab a can from my [Read On]

Save Money

save money on groceries

After falling in love with how delicious and convenient using Thrive foods were, the next thought that came to my mind is, “Uh oh, this is going to be sooooo expensive!”.  How can you have all that wrapped up into one and not pay for it? Well, I’m proud to say that after doing some [Read On]

Save Time

save time in kitchen

If you know me, you know I’m busy.  Shucks, just look at my “About Me” page and my hello blurb (to the right) and you’ll learn that I’m a self-proclaimed busy body with A.D.D. and not much patience.   When I first started using Thrive foods, I was thrilled with the taste and the health [Read On]