Amazing Chocolate Chip Cookies {Secret Ingredient Revealed!}


My friends and family could not believe all ingredients were made from shelf-stable ingredients. That means…every item has a long shelf life.  Yep!  That includes the butter, eggs and milk. And the secret ingredient? Vanilla Pudding! Amazing Chocolate Chip Cookies {Secret Ingredient Revealed!} Print Recipe type: Dessert Author: Chef Todd Prep time: 10 mins Cook [Read On]

Best Cornbread Ever

cornbread recipe

I’ve always been someone who would make cornbread from a box or package.  This is the very first time I’ve made it by scratch and what a huge difference!  I couldn’t believe this was made from Thrive’s powder ingredients!  The only thing that was NOT a Thrive ingredient was the vinegar….and water. I served this [Read On]