Aquamira Frontier Filter | The perfect little water filter

Aquamira Frontier Water Filter

I hope the day never comes when I would need to use one of these but isn’t it nice to know there are options? This lightweight, easy-to-use water filter is a perfect addition to your emergency kit. One unit will filter up to 20 gallons of water. Tests indicate that the Frontier Filter will remove 99.9% [Read On]

Pasta Florentine

pasta florentine

This is so healthy and delicious with the taste of sausage!  It’s really good paired with THRIVE Cheese Bread.         Pasta Florentine Print Recipe type: Entree Author: Chef Todd Leonard – shelf reliance Prep time: 15 mins Total time: 15 mins Serves: 4 Healthy and delicious pasta dish with lots of vegetables! [Read On]


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To avoid paying retail, you want to access my sale prices by going to my personalized THRIVE store. The only way you will get access to cheaper prices if  you join the “Q” (sign up for monthly shipments), hold a party (online or face-to-face) or become a distributor…..because you will also qualify for free products.   [Read On]

Becoming a Consultant

starter kits sale

Benefits of Being a Consultant You get all products at the most discounted price. You get paid 10% commission on every single order you take, even your own! You get host benefits for yourself if you take orders not tied to a party. Host Benefits are 10% of the party order in FREE product. You [Read On]

How to “Get Started”

Bulldogs Chase

When I was introduced to Thrive foods and learned how it is so much healthier, saves me time, saves me money and helps me build my food storage…plus it was so delicious, I wanted to buy everything at once! Well, I don’t think my bank would have allowed that.   If you are in the same boat, [Read On]