DIY Scent Maker with Essential Oils

Did you know that plugin air fresheners let off a chemical called  VOC? VOC stands for “volatile organic compounds” and they are highly toxic. Basicallly, they are chemicals with a low boiling point.VOC cause all sorts of problems in your body: infertility (some of you may like that!), headaches, nervous system disorders, memory loss and cancer for both your pet and you…. lots of things.

What a bummer!  When I learned this, I unpugged mine. Being a packrat, I never threw them away.

Then I got a bright idea:
Replace the bad stuff with good stuff: essential oils, which are awesome for you and, sometimes a lot cheaper than stuff Bath & Body Works sells!

Here’s how you do it..

  • remove the wick part (which ironically looks like a cigarette) empty and rinse out the bulb
  • find an oil you like. i chose pumpkin caramel because its pretty cheap and it makes my house smell wonderful. I highly recommend orange, lavender, cinnamon, roman chamomile, sage, lemon, rose, grapefruit, jasmine or ylang ylang oil.
  • pour the oil into the bulb
  • i fill it up about 1/3 of the way but it will last lay longer if you do the whole thing.
  • fill the rest of the bulb with water, but not to the top or else inserting the wick with make it spill. put the wick back in the bulb.
  • screw it back into the plug in part and enjoy refreshing, healing air that won’t make your hair fall out.
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