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Are you a self-proclaimed health nut?  Okay, there are probably several categories of a “health nut” but I like to proudly consider myself one.  I’m not exactly over the edge (like some others I know, ahem…Kimmy), but I do like to stay on top of the latest news!

This is one of the things that turned me on to Thrive Foods.  After my intial skeptisism of eating freeze-dried food, I learned that this is a huge component of why many people use this stuff everyday.

With that said, I’m going to be sharing health information avec vous (that’s french for “with you”) and how Thrive foods fit into that equation.

With any further adieu, here are some of the top reason why Thrive foods rock!

1.  Many of the foods are freeze dried:

Did you read the post about the freeze-drying process?  Because the nutrition and antioxidants are, for lack of a better term, “frozen in time”, it retains those vitamins and minerals.

2.  Studies have shown that our bodies absorb just as many nutrients with freeze dried foods than eating it fresh. 

3.  No preservatives or additives are thrown into this stuff.  The freeze drying process is all the “preservative” it needs!

Do you have any idea how HUGE this is?  Canned foods are chocked full of sodium, sugar and other preservatives…just look at the label!  What does it say when you look at the label of a freeze dried product?  Just the item…and that’s it!

4.  Many items are Gluten-Free, Allergy-Free as well as other items that are important to know

We have a document that tells you about all the items and if they contain, milk, eggs, peanut, tree nuts, shellfish, soy, wheat, MSG, are gluten-free and allergy-free.  To view that document, click HERE.

5.  You have access to more fresh fruits and vegetables

It’s pretty awesome to throw into my car a baggie of green beans, sweet corn and mangos to munch on.  It has kept me from going through the drive-thru…and has been a great conversation piece when people see me eating it.

6.  You are more likely to reach your daily requirement of fruits and vegetables

Do you know how many servings of fruits and veggies we are supposed to get EVERY DAY?  Many people guess 3-4 but the actual truth is 7-9!  Most of us are lucky to get even half that.  By the way, studies have shown that those that eat around the table and eat meals get more servings, as well.

7.  Do you normally think of convenience and healthy food in the same sentence? 

When I think of convenience, I think of drive-thru’s or frozen meals that I pop into the oven.  And those usually don’t include “healthy” along with it.  With Thrive foods, you are getting that.

8.  Do you think buying fresh produce is healthier?

Studies have shown that the nutritional content of fruits and vegetables start to degrade as soon as they are picked.

1.  Actually Fresh

Ripe fruits and veggies picked from your garden (or local farm) are going to be the best option.  Then you have the challenge of only being able to eat what is in season.

2.  Frozen

Usually picked at/near the peak of ripeness, the items are blanched in hot water or steam to kill bacteria and stop food-degrading enzymes.  The blanching process has been known to break down vitamin C and B-vitamins to a certain extent.  However, this process locks in most of the other nutrients.

This process is great but only have a few months “shelf-life”.

3.  Grocery Store Produce

Vegetables that are going to travel long distances are typically picked way before they are ripe.  On the outside, they may look the same as a vine-ripened counterpart but the nutrition density is much lower (I just sounded like a scientists, didn’t I)?

The total process is about 2 weeks.  That means foods are picked 2 weeks earlier than they should!

A study made on behalf of Bird’s Eye found that “fresh” green beans can lose up to 45% of nutrients in transit.  Broccoli and cauliflower up to 25%.  Garden peas up to 15%  and carrots up to 10%

Gasp!  I am so proud to say this:  with Thrive foods, all items are picked at their “peak of freshness” so it’s like you are eating it right off the vine (so to speak).  Way cool.

Friends, friends, friends….really.  Is this not enough reason to drop the grocery store all together and go full-force with Thrive?  Okay, that may be asking alot but this is stuff to think about!

If you are thinking long and hard about wanting to try Thrive, then why don’t you do just that?  Just TRY it and you’ll see that you’ll like it?  Better yet, you may just love it!

How to “get started” using thrive

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