Have a Fundraising Event

1.  You can either earn 10% of total sales in CASH for your organization or 10% of your total party sales (before taxes and shipping) in FREE products for your own use, your school’s breakfast program, your community’s soup kitchen, etc.

2.  You won’t handle any inventory.  All purchases are shipped directly to the customers.

3.  Did you know that Shelf Reliance donates 5% of their profits to a charity called “Thrive Nations”? Click HERE  to find out more about this amazing gesture.

4.  Rest assured you are offering a unique, top quality product that is unprecedented:  nobody does it like Shelf Reliance. Our freeze dried food is perfect for snacks, baby food, drinks and desserts.  There are NO ADDITIVES nor PRESERVATIVES!  No added salt or sugar (perfect for diabetics).  Freeze drying keeps the nutrition and each colour-coded can has a 25 year shelf life (once opened it still has a 12 – 24 month shelf life).