Have a Thrive Party


1.  You will receive 10% of your total party sales (before tax and shipping) in FREE products.

2.  You will receive up to $100 worth of products at half price when your party reaches $400 in sales.  This amount increases as your party sales climb.

3.  You will receive $100 worth of products at half off for each party booked from yours.

4.  As a host, if you placed an order at a previous Shelf Reliance Party, you can carry the amount of that purchase to your party.  It’s called the “Double Dip”.

5.  Remember, all host benefits are taken at the retail price.

6.  You and your guests who purchase at your party will receive party pricing forever.

7.  If you or a guest sign up for the THRIVE Q monthly budget plan, that amount is not only added to your party sales, it will be multiplied by 3.  For example, if the budget amount is $100 then the total added to your party sales would be $300!  (This is because anyone signing up for the Q needs to remain on it for at least 90 days).