How to “Get Started”

When I was introduced to Thrive foods and learned how it is so much healthier, saves me time, saves me money and helps me build my food storage…plus it was so delicious, I wanted to buy everything at once!

Well, I don’t think my bank would have allowed that.   If you are in the same boat, then here are some tips on how to get started.

1.  Make a list:

1.  What are the items you eat or snack on the most?

Start with the items you will snack on.  Many of them you and your family will be able to eat right out of the can.

2.  What do you tend to run out of the most often and have to “run to the store” for?

Milk and eggs for me.  :)

3.  What are some of the things you hate to prepare the most?

Onions and sausage are my two worst.

With the Thrive chopped onions, there is no more chopping!  I just measure, rinse with water, and it’s ready!

With freeze-dried sausage, you don’t have to worry about the splatter of grease.  it’s already removed and cooked!

With freeze-dried chicken, no more worries about cross-contamination, cutting and cooking.  I made chicken salad with red seedless grapes, celery and onions in less than 10 minutes…all made with Thrive.

4.  What do you throw away most in your kitchen?

I can never get through a container of mushrooms.  The firt time I reconstituted Thrive mushrooms, I was blown away.  I will never buy store-bought mushrooms again!

What about berries?  Those aren’t exactly cheap, either.

Celery  is another big one for me.  I hate that I have to buy a whole bunch of celery just to make one recipe.  The rest always goes bad and I have to throw it away.  With Thrive’s freeze dried celery, i just measure, moisten, and make.

Wow, this is too cool.

2.  Choose a special package

There are packages galore.  You can go for the Big Kahuna and get the Deluxe food storage packages w/ rotation system,  3 month packages or just get some great specialty packages.

Some examples of specialty packages are:

The Smart Start pack
Top Seller 6-Pak
Mixed Veggie 6-Pak
Green Veggie 6-Pack
Meats 6-pack
Fruit 6-pack
Island Fruit 6-pack
Berry 6-Pack
Kids 6-Pack
No Dairy Essential Pack
Grains and Beans Essential Pack
NO Grains Essential Pack

Click HERE to see the whole list of packages!

You can also choose items based on food allergies and gluten-free.

3.  Sign up for the “Q”.

You will get the absolute best prices and get access to specials not offered to normal civilians.  You will be considered very special.  :)

The “Q” has a family budget tool that you can use to help you determine what you need to order.

To learn how the “Q” works , click HERE.


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