Preparedness Manual | chapter 1

As I’m preparing this, I’m watching ABC news reporting the beginning of the effects of hurricane Sandy on the East Coast.

  • They are saying this is going to be a catastrophe and that 50 million americans will be affected.
  • I’m watching images of a hospital having to transport fragile babies and children from a Manhatten hospital because their generators didn’t work.
  • I’m watching a married couple with a young child living in Manhatten, NY being interviewed who decided to “hunker up” in their apartment and wait out the storm.  Latest reports from this family were their apartment building has no power and the lobby is flooding…having no back-up generators, no sump pumps are on.
  • I’m watching a videoclip of downtown Atlantic City submerged in waist-deep water and several building have caught on fire, causing people to flee into flooded water.

This is such a surreal feeling – to be listening and seeing to what I’m hearing on national t.v. – it’s almost like this is a movie or dream. Many of us may think, “WHY are these people not prepared”?  …but the reality is, most of us just don’t make it a priority. We don’t think it ‘s going to happen to us.

You may not live in the path of a hurricane, but that doesn’t mean you are NOT immune to the possibility of an emergency.  At the same time, you need not be fear-based. Just be smart. But most important, just DO IT. Think of how it will feel, knowing you are prepared! If you haven’t already done so, you need to take the first step NOW. Things happen for a reason and you may not get the opportunity to do this again.

Because of that, I feel strongly impressed to focus on the topic of preparation. I have been scouring the internet for the latest tips and resources. I have uncovered a wealth of information that…quite frankly….can be too much if you try to take it all in at once. So I have decided to create a Preparedness Manual with step-by-step instruction all compiled into one main resource.

As I put together this Preparedness Manual, I will be adding individual blog posts with this information. For now, this will be a FREE resource for all my blog subcribers. If you are not yet subscribed, please do so now so you can be notified as soon as the information comes available.

Preparedness Manual

1.  Preparedness Test

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