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After falling in love with how delicious and convenient using Thrive foods were, the next thought that came to my mind is, “Uh oh, this is going to be sooooo expensive!”.  How can you have all that wrapped up into one and not pay for it?

Well, I’m proud to say that after doing some thorough investigating, I learned that utilizing Thrive foods into my food budget is actually saving me money!  Big time!  How?

One of our consultants used to be a big-time coupon clipper.  In fact, she had created a database of thousands of items and would keep track of the cheapest prices.  When she started using Thrive, she eventually found that she was saving about $200/year using Thrive instead of clipping coupons and tracking costs!  Geez, can you imagine doing all that?   Well, she did and now she doesn’t!

Ways Thrive is cheaper:

1.  Cost per serving comparison.  

When you stack up comparisons between items,  you will find Thrive many times to be a little bit cheaper.

2.  Utilizing Thrive’s Specials:

Because I’m always having a party (real or online), I love that most of my items are either 50% off or free.  Plus, I put the monthly specials in my monthly “Q” so I’m saving a whole bunch!

3.  Opportunity Cost:

Can you guess what is the most expensive food you buy grocery store?  Many people will say…meat or seafood.  But guess what?  Answer:  The ones you throw away!

A family of four spends an average of $100 – $150/month per person per month. That’s $400-$600 dollars a month.

Studies have shown that the average amount of food we throw away per month is 25%.  That’s $100 month!

Just the other day, I made some Thrive scrambled eggs with Ham chunks and I like to throw veggies into it.  I had a little bit of frozen veggies left but when I dumped them into the skillet, they were badly freezer burned.  I was mad it had gone to waste!  Can you think of the last time you threw food away?  I bet if you went to your fridge right now you would find a whole bunch.

 4.  This stuff lasts a long time

With a shelf life of 25-30 years, can you imagine (with the cost of living going up every year) how much food will be worth then?  I mean really, need I say more?

5.  Reduced Impulse buying

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 Studies have shown that 50% of our purchases are impulse purchases!

Think of how much money you will save just by reducing your impulse purchases because you needed some eggs.  Doesn’t it make you feel “eggstatic”?  :)

6.  Cost of drive-thru’s vs. making food at home

Sure, it’s more convenient and easier but it’s definitely not healthier.  But cheaper?  Check out this article from Time Magazine discussing comparing the two.

It says a typical  McDonald’s meal for a family of four costs around $23-$28 whereas a full family meal at home costs about $14.  Using staples such as pasta or rice is even cheaper.

Okay, so I’ve stated my case and given you six pretty darned good ways on how you save money with Thrive.  Why don’t you try it today?  You will definitely save some money by going to my store site.  No coupon required!

click HERE to visit my store!

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