Shelf Life of Thrive Items

Thrive’s products have a shelf ranging from 3 -30 years.  Even though Thrive Foods provides you an incredible variety of food options, it’s important to take an individual product’s shelf life into consideration when planning your food storage.

I personally can’t imagine not using all these products.  My goal is to build up to a year’s supply, then continuously rotate many of them….because of the convenience and health benefits.

#10 cans are double lined
Both sides are made from steel.  Our can coating is a food-grade gold enamel called Epoxi-Fenolic Gold for metal cans.  This lining does not contain BPA.

All cans and pouches are BPA free.

Pouch sizes have a lower shelf life
The have a maximum of 5 years shelf life.

Maintaining freshness
If stored correctly, in dry areas at room temperature or lower, studies show that even after being stored long term, properly packed food will help sustain life in an emergency.

 Shelf Life after opened
The shelf life after a product is opened ranges from 1 -2 years.  The chopped chicken has a shelf life of 1 year after opened?  I can’t even go 2 weeks without using all of it!

List of Shelf Life for Thrive products
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