What is Freeze Dried?

When you first hear the word “freeze dried” fruit, vegetables, or meats….what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  If you read my about me page, you would know that my first thought is a memory as a little girl, gnawing on hard banana pieces and apple slices which were actually dehydrated.

If you are a bit anlytical-minded (or you want your head to spin), read the Wikepedia definiton. You can also learn about it directly on the Shelf Reliance website.

But if you are like me (get to the point, already), then I will tell you really quickly what it is (you can click on the picture to see it as a bigger image…a pic can speak volumes).

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Thrive Food’s freeze dried method, broken down:

1.  The product is taken to a very low temperature very quickly (in other words, “flash frozen”).  :)

2.  The product is placed in a vacuum.  This gets rid of the excess moisture (known as “sublimation”).

3.  Heat is applied to product to accelelarate sublimation.

4.  Low Temperature condenser plates remove the vaporized liquid from the vacuum.

5.  It is then packaged/sealed tight.

6.  It is shipped to you to enjoy.

This is all done at their own facility that is HACCP certified.  Plus, they have their own USDA certification number for their eggs and meat products (very lengthy process which includes strict standards and in-depth inspections conducted by the US government).

what are the advantages of freeze dried (click on links to learn more):

Folks, let me you.  When you apply water to the product, it’s like they “come to life”.  They are just like the day they were flash frozen in time!  They are delicious and very handy because they are already chopped and ready for you to use.  But here are some other advantages:

1.  More healthy than canned, most frozen and most store-bought produce.  click on this link.  It is full of rich information!

2.  Saves you time because the food is already chopped and ready to be put into your recipes.

3.  Saves you money because you aren’t throwing food away and many items are less expensive on a cost-per-serving basis.

4.  Enables you to build your food storage.  People like to refer to it as their “home store” but the reality is, as you continue to acquire more Thrive food items, having a shelf-life of 25-30 years….you are building your food storage as well.

You basically just need to try it to know what I’m talking about.  Want to know how to get started?  Click HERE.


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