Get on the “Q”

The “Q” is a monthly delivery service you set up for a specific date to be shipped.  It allows you to build a stockpile of surplus food as a priority at the absolute BEST prices.

We are the only company that has a special calculator that looks at your family member’s ages and genders.  You are able to tell the system the amount of months you are hoping to plan for and what your monthly budget is, and the planner does the rest for you!

Many people also use the planner as their monthly grocery delivery service because the food is so good, healthy and conveniently chopped up that they use the products on a regular basis.

WHY else do you want to be on the “Q”?  Because you get access to the deepest discounts.  You get all the “party prices” as well as the  “Q-Pon” (click HERE to see the latest Q-pon).

Even though the average person sets their month “Q” budget for around $150/month, you can set up the value for however much you want.  A good rule of thumb is around 25% of your current grocery budget.  Click HERE to play around with the calculator and to learn how to set up your “Q”.

Remember, the “Q” takes the hassle out of shopping, so sit back, relax, and let THRIVE food come to you.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at